Paula Citron | The Globe & Mail


“When a dancer has performed in the companies of both Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey, particularly since he came to dance late, attention must be paid. Kenny Pearl’s vastly enjoyable autobiography, The Dance Gods: A New York Memoir, is a candid account of his 13-year stint in the Big Apple. His descriptions of his intimate encounters with both Graham and Ailey, two of the world’s great dance icons, are just one of the many pleasures of the book. Pearl writes in an easy matter touching on both his personal and professional life, and he doesn’t shy away from discussing the losses as well as the triumphs . . . I read the book in one go. Pearl had me hooked from the first page.”

Max Wyman | Vancouver Sun


“Kenny Pearl has crafted a vivid and absorbing evocation of one dancer’s life over the span of two important decades in New York, offering not only the honest story of his own awakening as an artist but also a series of insightful, sharp-focused portraits of the great artists he worked with—Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Pearl Lang . . . We also experience the thrill and challenge of working with great choreographers on some of their most important works, though his self-deprecating humour and clear-eyed self-awareness keep everything in modest proportion. This feel-good story is not only an inspiration to any young dancer; it is a delicious read for anyone interested in getting an insider’s track on the unfolding story of modern dance in America.”

DEVON Hannan | Reviews of a Bibliophile

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Phenomenal and moving . . . exhilarating and inspiring . . . I was totally engrossed in the beauty of this book . . . This book has it all for me; a memoir that has comedic moments, history, and passion through dance . . . The cover was beautiful, the story was moving . . . I hope that anyone who wants to feel inspired by the world will read this book and then go follow their dreams.

Carol Anderson | Choreographer

AUTHOR, Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance

“Kenny Pearl’s The Dance Gods is the sweaty, gritty, insightful story of his amazing dance career. His memories of touring internationally with Alvin Ailey’s company, close encounters with modern dance icons including Martha Graham, his forthright, funny, sometimes wrenching recollections of coming of age, and his passion for dancing during an intense decade in New York City are woven into a compelling memoir – a must-read for dance lovers.”

Molly Johnson | The Dance Current Magazine


“The Dance Gods is an engrossing look into the life of a dancer in New York City, during the heady decades of the ’60s and ’70s. Through the incredible experiences of Kenny Pearl, we are immersed in the feeling of this significant and singular time in history. With remarkable clarity and detail, Pearl recounts his rise from aspiring novice to sought after performer and teacher . . . Divulging vivid anecdotes of both a personal and professional nature, Pearl astutely reveals the multi-faceted existence of the dancer, giving equal attention to his struggle (and ultimate success) as an artist as to the personal and emotional roadblocks that challenge us all. The Dance Gods resonates for this reason in particular – it charts an extraordinary period of time for an exceptionally gifted man, all the while maintaining Pearl as a beautifully ordinary and extremely relatable personality. An absolute page-turner and a brilliant tribute to a pivotal time in modern dance.”