“Writing with eloquence, wit, and tremendous honesty, Kenny Pearl details his harrowing and exalted path to becoming a dancer. His memories are crystal clear, and each eventful episode is brought vividly to life in relation to the social, political, cultural, creative, and personal influences of the moment. This is a journey of epic proportions in which iconic choreographers and dancers play pivotal roles in the realization of a dream achieved through ferocious exertion and passionate commitment. I couldn’t put this book down, and I will never forget it.”
-Peggy Baker, artistic director, Peggy Baker Dance Projects

“a wonderfully funny, moving, engaging autobiography.”
-Sylvia Waters, former artistic director, Ailey 2.

“Just completed Kenny Pearl’s “The Dance Gods”: Intriguing, intimate, deeply personal and inspiring!!! . . . I recommend this book to all who love dance, reading, journeys of perseverance, and the insecurities of taking risks.”
-Allen Kaeja, co-artistic director, Kaeja d’Dance

“What an endearing read . . . a fantastic journey.”
-Teresa Capucilli, former Artistic Director,
Martha Graham Dance Company

“I did read this book over the period of two days, it was that good. The writing is beautiful and honest; it put me in the shoes of an awkward young boy; it filled my heart with the hopes and dreams of a dancer; and it fed my mind with loads of facts and tidbits about dance, hippies and New York! If you have an artist in the family – give them this book. If you are an artist, give this book to someone in your family!”
-Nova Bhattacharya, artistic director, Nova Dance

“I found myself transported to a New York dance world that now exists only in memory, with long-lost personalities brought back to vivid life.
It’s really quite a page-turner!”
-Norton Owen, Director of Preservation
Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Massachusettes, USA

“The Dance Gods: A New York Memoir Is, without a doubt, the most inspiring autobiography I have ever read. As soon as I read the first sentence: ‘I looked the US Immigration officer in the eye and lied . . . ’, I couldn’t put it down.
Not only do the events in the book make up an inspiring story themselves, but Kenny’s passion, dedication, and perseverance can be felt in every word he writes. The language of this book is accessible to dancers and non-dancers alike. It is not just a book about dance, it is a book about self-discovery, free love, hope, and the pursuit of dreams with reckless abandon. If you have ever had a dream, if you’ve ever been lost, if you’ve ever wanted to be something bigger than yourself, The Dance Gods is for you.”
-Lukas Malkowski

Amazon and Goodreads reviews

“I encourage anyone interested in dance or the arts in general to run (or dance) not walk to buy this book and then sigh with delight as you turn every page.”

“A beautifully written, incredible, inspiring story. I tore through this book in a couple of days . . . One of the best books I’ve read in a long while.”

“I recommend this book to artists and non-artists alike. It is beautifully written, honest and authentic.”

“This book had me captivated from the first page . . . This is a story filled with inspiration, challenges, and finding one’s artistic voice. So inspiring. So moving.”

“ . . . a vivid evocation of life in the ’60s for young artists, set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, the sexual revolution, and other signal events . . . A must-read for anyone involved or thinking of a career in the arts.”

“Amazing book! Amazing story! I highly recommend this biography for dancers and non-dancers. Captures you right from the get go . . . I couldn’t put it down. Very inspiring.”

“ . . . a deeply human and gorgeously inspiring memoir that reads both like a fictional page-turner as well as a historical account of an important era in dance history.”

“A story about the unique career trajectory of a dance artist, from odd jobs to injuries and the thrill of live performance. Pearl offers a unique, humanizing perspective on choreographic legends of American Modern Dance, including Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey.”

“Great reading if you are an artist/know an artist/like dance/like art/like New York – just great reading period. Get it.”

“The Dance Gods” is a tender, exciting, warmly humorous, honest and beautifully written book. I felt I lived vicariously through his experiences with great pleasure.”